The vacation is over

I have found it is much more difficult to blog regularly when you aren’t on vacation. First of all there isn’t as much to talk about! Second I actually have to do housework now so there is less time. here are the highlights of our past week.

-Maddy started potty training. She is really excited about her big girl panties. She ahs stayed dry through her naps and most the day. We have had a few accidents but she has been rpetty good about making it to the toilet. She has also successfully pottied (or is it potty’d?) at Wal-Mart and at a friends house. Her greatest accomplishment is staying fry through a baptism at the church, the drive over to the families house, the post baptism celebration, and the drive home. All told about 3.5 hours. Go Maddy!

-Maddy has been whining a lot lately. I’ve been telling her “no whining we use our nice voice please!” Yesterday in the car Benny started to fuss. Maddy pointed her finger at him and said “No whining Benny a nice voice!”

-Ben is getting better and better at cruising along the furniture. He still isn’t interested in letting go but I’m thinking it will probably happen soon.

-This morning Benny decided he could climb out of the tub all on his own. He fell flat on his face. Poor kid. Mommy wasn’t fast enough to stop him. Looks like mom will have to sit on the side of the tub during bath time instead of the toilet.

-Cameron got to feel Sprite kick for the first time! I’ve been feeling it for a few months now but this is the first time he’s caught it.

-Cameron has done a TON of work in our yard cutting up trees. We have plenty of firewood for next year and several piles of brush that we nee dto decide what to do with. He even built some really cool cradles for the firewood to keep it off the ground so it will cure properly and not rot. I love my hard working sexy man.

-I made bread for the third time. This loaf was really ugly because I folded it after the first rise and it had a funky shape. It tasted really good though so I am glad to sy I feel much better about my bread making abilities. Home made bread is so much yummier than stuff fromt he store.

Well I think that’s about it. I’ll see you all next Sunday unless something awesome happens before then.


About smithfamilysiren

Me and my partner in crime, Cameron, are just a bit crazy according to most of the people we know. Why? Because we love procreation! Our clan consists Corey born Oct 2002, Madeline March 2008, Benjamin May 2009, and Leah July 2010. We have no plans of stopping any time soon. Come join us on the rollercoaster of pregnancy, birth, diapers, feeding, outings, and all the other craziness that ensues when you have a house full of little people.
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