I’m a slacker

I have thought about writing on here several times in the last few weeks but I’ve been lazy. No excuse other than I didn’t feel like it. My parents have asked us to write a little blurb to be put in a family newsletter. I figured as long as I was updating them I ought to update my blog as well.

I have informed Cameron that we need to plan the conception of our children better so they are NOT born at the end of the summer. Pregnancy with Corey was awful during the third trimester, born in October. Maddy and Ben were a breeze born March and May. Now Sprite is draining me of every ounce of energy I had. I have problems dealing with heat anyway. It always makes me sluggish and tired. Add a growing baby and swollen ankles onto that and I just want to sit on my butt all day! That of course is impossible with a 2 yr old and 11 month old running around.

Maddy is doing great. I would venture to say she is successfully day time potty trained. We still have the occasional accident, usually when she’s doing something really fun and doesn’t want to stop, but we are getting through most days with only one pair of panties. We still put her in a diaper at night even though she stays dry about 4 nights out of 5. I just don’t feel like cleaning up the few times she does pee the bed. She loves putting her “fancies” on in the morning when she gets up and is sooooooo proud of herself when she goes pee or “teenties” on the potty.

Ben has always been my calm little angel snuggle bug. Not any more! This little boy has developed quite the mischievous personality lately. He pulls Maddy’s hair then giggles when she cries. He has been hitting her too. I must admit there is a small part of me that wants to cheer him on because of all the picking on him Maddy has done. He sure is cute though when he crinkles up his little nose, flashes a huge grin, and does somethign naughty.

Cameron is also doing well. He is working hard 46+ hours a week as the night assistant manager for QuikTrip. The schedule is crappy for him to get enough sleep but it sure is nice to have him be able to run errands since he isn’t working during everyone else’s normal working hours. This week Cam decided to sell our goats. WE didn’t start out with the right kind fo fencing and they were constantly escaping. Fixing the fence is not in our budget right now and the care fo the goats is not within our time budget. We still plan to get more later when we have the time and money to properly care for them.


About smithfamilysiren

Me and my partner in crime, Cameron, are just a bit crazy according to most of the people we know. Why? Because we love procreation! Our clan consists Corey born Oct 2002, Madeline March 2008, Benjamin May 2009, and Leah July 2010. We have no plans of stopping any time soon. Come join us on the rollercoaster of pregnancy, birth, diapers, feeding, outings, and all the other craziness that ensues when you have a house full of little people.
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