Getting Ready for Baby

As of Monday the 3rd we are officially in the third trimester of pregnancy. At my last appointment the doctor said I’m measuring a bit big. This could mean a) nothing at all, b) baby is big or c) my due date is off and baby will come early. Since I have never once made my due date (Corey 1 day early, Maddy 2 weeks early, and Ben 3 days early) I’m really hoping for option c.

Maddy is getting ready for the baby by practicing on her dolly. She is all ready to wear the baby

I really need to make one her size so she'll stop wearing mine.

suck out its nose,

Maddy has to pin her baby down just like mommy does Ben

and change its diaper

She even put come butt cream in the diaper first

Benny will just be tackling it.

Benny tackles his sister

Mommy is trying to keep the house clean and get a bit of rest while daddy is getting the garden planted.

Maddy, Daddy, and Ben start digging the garden

I’ve always done home made babyfood and I can’t wait to do it with our home grown produce!


About smithfamilysiren

Me and my partner in crime, Cameron, are just a bit crazy according to most of the people we know. Why? Because we love procreation! Our clan consists Corey born Oct 2002, Madeline March 2008, Benjamin May 2009, and Leah July 2010. We have no plans of stopping any time soon. Come join us on the rollercoaster of pregnancy, birth, diapers, feeding, outings, and all the other craziness that ensues when you have a house full of little people.
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