2 Responses to Gathering Dust

  1. Alice Peterson says:

    Yes, I need to remeber the site, but my sister in law found an awesome website, employers post what they want you to do so you give them a proposal and they pick the best one and you work for them online. You have to set up pay pal, but its lagit. I dont have pay pal and didnt want to spend money setting it up, but it sounds like they could use you. Let me know if you want. Its great cause you work when you want and take yur time so its perfect for stay at home moms!

    • Is it Elance.com? I’ve gotten a few jobs on there. Lately I just haven’t been able to take the time to sit down and write up proposals. I also decided that I needed to beef up my portfolio a bit because I wasn’t getting awarded very many jobs.

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