Four Years

January 27th 2007 I ran away to Vegas with my best friend. A lot of people thought I was crazy but it was the best choice I ever made!

Viva Las Vegas Baby!


Aren’t we cute? In celebration of our four year anniversary I thought I’d share our story for those who may have not gotten all the details yet.

In the summer of 2004 I was in the Marine band at San Diego and Cameron was in the band at Camp Pendleton. Our two bands did a combined concert together. During a break a friend of mine that was also a friend of his said “hey you’re both Mormon”. We both had the so what look on our face politely said hi then went on with our lives. My thought process was something like “ummm so what?” and Cam’s was like “cute but married, moving on”.

Fast forward two years. I was going through my divorce and in Iraq. Needless to say I wasn’t exactly the most cheerful person on the planet. My roommate decided that in order to cheer me up she was going to put my photo on the website HotorNot was THE site to look at when you were bored out of your mind in Iraq. Cameron, also in Iraq on a different base, just happened to be perusing that site one day and typed in the terms Mormon and California. My picture popped up and he instantly messaged me saying “hey don’t I know you from somewhere?” We figured out that we had indeed met two years previously and began chatting with each other. Unbeknownst to him I knew a guy he was currently working with from my days on 29 Palms and e-mailed him to see if Cameron was safe to talk to. He told me he was crazy but it was a cool kind of crazy.

Once we returned to the states and my divorce was finalized we started to “hang out”. From Cameron’s perspective I was his girlfriend. From my perspective we were just dating and I was seeing other guys, even though there were no other guys. I was just a big chicken lol. Well one day in Early December Cameron decided he had had enough. He said “I love oyu and I know you love me even though you won’t admit it!” He went on to say that our current situation wasn’t working for him so he needed a break. We didn’t talk for a week. I finally realized jut how much I loved and needed him once he was gone. A week later when he finally called me I was more than ready to be committed if it meant I wasn’t going to lose him!

On January 17th, after returnign from a trip to see his family, Cameron proposed and I said yes. We were plannign the wedding for that summer and got a crazy itch that said “Do it now!” So we ran of to Vegas on the 27th. 1 year later we were sealed for time and all eternity in the San Diego Temple.

Sealing Day: Feb 2nd 2008

I am so blessed to have spent 4 years with my best friend. I love this guy more than I ever felt possible. We’ve had our rocky patches but we’ve pulled through and gotten even closer because of them. I love you Cameron and I can’t wait to spend the rest of eternity with you!

About smithfamilysiren

Me and my partner in crime, Cameron, are just a bit crazy according to most of the people we know. Why? Because we love procreation! Our clan consists Corey born Oct 2002, Madeline March 2008, Benjamin May 2009, and Leah July 2010. We have no plans of stopping any time soon. Come join us on the rollercoaster of pregnancy, birth, diapers, feeding, outings, and all the other craziness that ensues when you have a house full of little people.
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