No I Don’t Want to Talk to You

Why is it that people suddenly have a LOT more to say to me when my kids are around? If I go to the grocery store alone nobody takes a second look at me. If Maddy or Benny s around we get a few looks, smiles, and maybe a “hello” from the cute old lady in line. If I have Leah though it’s like everyone thinks I want to be their best friend.

On Thursday I stopped by Staples to buy some new pages for Cameron’s and my planners. I was on my way somewhere else so I just wanted to get in, get what I needed and get out. As I’m walking down the aisle an employee (we’ll call him Bob for ease of story telling here) says “were you able to find everything ok today?” I replied with “yep, we’ve got everythingwe needed”.  I start to turn around the corner of the aisle to head towards the cash registers, but Bob gets in the way by lowering his face right into Leah’s and babbling at her. As he proceeds to talk and coo at Leah I glance down at the adding machine that is on the end of the aisle. Bob asks me if I am interested in the adding machine. I tell him my husband was interested in using one when balancing the checkbook, but that I wasn’t going to get one today and start to walk off. Bob starts giving me a very long explanation of the amazing excel spreadsheet he built to balance his checkbook. He even offered to e-mail it to me. Now I’m a little weirded out. Why on earth would I wat to give my e-mail address to a 50 something year old stranger? I say no thanks and continue walking towards the register. Bob then points to my sweatshirt and asks if my husband is in the Marines. I tell him we both were as I continue to walk. Bob then starts telling a long winded story about being in the Airforce and getting hit with a helicoptor blade. As I continue walking Bob keeps walking with me so that he can tell his story. He didn’t leave me alone until I reached the register and of course had to give one more final chuck under the chin to Leah. All told he probably spent at least 15 minutes annyoing me. Friendly is great, but seriously, why can’t some people get the clue that when I walk away I am no longer interested in talking to you.

Yesterday I did the grocery shopping at WalMart. The entire time I was in line I had to listen to the lady behind me,  the cashier, and finally the manager who brought her more change for her drawer all inform me that my baby was DEFINITELY teething. I mean come on she was fussing and had her thumb in her mouth. She HAD to be teething. I was told to give her a chicken bone, a frozen hot dog, and to rub rum on her tgums. #1 I’m her mom and I just happen to know that Leah is fusisng because she is tired and hungry. I also happen to know that she likes to suck her thumb and if no paci is available it’s almost always in her mouth. In addition when I have two other toddlers with me I think it is pretty obvious that I have dealt with teething before and I know how to deal with it. Not to mention that everyone of their suggestions is definitely NOT safe for a baby!

What is it about people who think that I need and/or want their advice just because I have kids? Why do they think I want to listen to their random story about their kid or their birth or their helicoptor accident? If anything having kids makes me want to talk to you EVEN LESS. I’m sorry I’m a little occupied with the toddler who is trying to grab everything off the shelf, the other toddler who is stepping on the mushrooms in my cart and the fussy baby who just wants to get some food and a nap. Please just stop talking to me, let me do my thing and get on my way so I can take care of my kids.

And just because it’s been a few days here’s a few cute pictures of said kids:

She was reading a book, daddy thought it was too quiet and this is what he found


A box and a car what else does a 1 year old boy need?


I think there's more on her face than got in her mouth but she seemed to enjoy licking the banana's off her spoon

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I need a makeover

I am a mom. Not only a mom, but a mom of toddlers. This means that my daily routine does NOT include time for hair and make-up. It means I pretty much live in jeans and T-shirts. Some days it means I don’t get dressed at all. I’m ok with that. However some times you just need to do something special and I’d like to look special when I’m doing it!

Last month for Cameron’s birthday we went out to sing karaoke. I spent over an hour trying to put together an outfit that was cute without being super dressy and I finally gave up in tears and just threw on jeans and a nicer T-shirt. I’m not even sure at what point my wardrobe turned into this. As I look through my closet I realize I have several T-shirts, a few sweaters for when it’s cold outside and a few Sunday outfits. I have absolutely nothing that I can wear for a dress up date with my husband. That is depressing. That is something I want to change.

On top of the wardrobe issue for me is the hair and makeup issue. I have very straight hair. It is curently a few inches past my shoulders and straight and BORING. I also don’t own any styling tools except a brush and blow dryer.  My make-up is pretty much non-existant. I have foundation and mascara. I usually only put them on when I leave the house and some times I even forget to do that. Really, I like the natural look even when getting dolled up. My issue is that I have some deeper set eyes with lovely I’m a mom shadows. I’d love to be able to make them pop out a bit more and look a bit less tired.

The biggest stumbling block to change right now is money. I just can’t justify the cost of a new wardrobe right now, or even adding a few new pieces. This means I am at the mercy of the Goodwill and my own sewing maching skills. For example I got this UGLY grey sweater dress for less than $5. I am sure that with the right cut here and stitching there I can turn it into something cute for a night out on the town. I also have my eyes open for a cute top or two and maybe some boots. I am definitely open to suggestions.

So first up is the hair issue. I’m going to get it cut next week but I need some help choosing a style. I have a heart face and super straight relatively fine hair. I want a style that I can just jump out of the shower and forget it, throw it in a ponytail for the gym, or spend some time styling it up when I want to go out. Give me some ideas on what to do with it!

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I am loving this swagbucks thing! All I had to do is download and use the swagbucks search bar.  When you use it you randomly “win” swagbucks. I’d say I win 5-10 bucks about once every 3-7 searches. With your swagbucks you can purchase prizes such as gift cards. I’ve decided I’ll probably get mostly gift cards as I think they are the most useful. You can also get paypal cash, and entries into sweepstakes for bigger prizes. In about 1 month of using it I have enough bucks for $20 worth of cards. Another way to win Swagbucks is through referrals, hence why I’m posting abou tit here. If you click on MY link and join then I get a percentage of every swagbuck that you earn. So help me and help yourself and the same time and come be a swaggernaut with me!

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Snow Day

Last night we got about 6-8 inches of snow. I hate snow, because I’m a wuss and hate being cold. Benny seemed to agree with me at first but then he had fun. Maddy thought it was great. Leah just snuggled up in mommy’s coat and went to sleep. Daddy was the dufus running around in short and a short sleeved shirt. I wasn’t quick enough to get a picture of when he made his snow angel like that. Here’s some good shots that I did get though.

Benny wasn't too fond of the snow because he had a hard time walking in it.


Maddy thought it was great, and even ate some.


Leah got all snuggly in mommy's coat and went to sleep.


Yes he's outside in short and a short sleeved shirt


"Come on Benny, It's fun I promise!"


Eventually benny enjoyed exploring a little but never quite enjoyed it as much as Maddy did.

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My latest Design

I must say I think this one is pretty good. Cameron came up with the idea and I made it happen. Let me know what you think. If you like it then head on over to and buy it on something! You can put it on a T-shirt, mug, Ipad case, or just about anything else Cafepress offers.

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Dutch Oven Disaster

My mother is an amazing dutch oven cook. Apparently I did not inherit the gene. Then again I left the men to tend the ovens so I guess that was probably where I went wrong. I mixed up a delicious stew for us and some good friends of ours. I got it all set up on my coals and then it started to rain. We put a piece of plywood over the fire pit to protect it. When our friends arrived the men took over the fire while the moms and kids hung out inside. By the time they thought to check my stew there was no liquid left and a generous amount of it was stuck to the sides. Luckily the middle was still edible and along with some bread nobody starved. Then they went to retrieve the cobbler which had been baking while we ate the stew. this is what we found.

Our sad, sad, sad cobbler


After it cooled a bit the guys just had to play with it.

It's all his fault!


They had to prove it wasn’t a complete failure by breaking it open to get at the unburnt middle. I have to admit it wasn’t that bad but there was only enough good stuff for everyone to have a bite or two. The kids especially got a kick out of chewing the insides out of their hunk of charcoal.

proving that it's still edible


Cam'll take some tooMaddy got some tooBenny even enjoyed crunching on the burnt parts